Renaissance Middle School 192Q

"Excellence Without Excuses"

"Every student will leave this academy with a clear vision of their goals and the skills needed to successfully exceed these ambitions."

Assistant Principal of Multi-Media

†††††††††††† Educating children is a privilege which should never be taken lightly. As a product of the South Jamaica community and an educator for over twenty years, I have always believed that the success of children is directly related to the positive experiences they have in Middle School. In the Multi-Media Academy it is our objective to ensure that your studentís Middle School experience reflects the diversity of experiences necessary to be good students and good citizens. During the past three years I have been able to witness the Multi-Media Academy continue to grow and develop through the devotion of the leadership and staff. Our academy is built on the premise that we must provide the best education possible.

     The Multi Media Academy recognizes the significance of technology as one of the most important areas for the development of young lives and a pivotal area for the success of children in the future. For every child we have the opportunity to push the rigor, challenge him/her to think critically and set him/ her on a positive course. The journey is ours to take. We will do this with the commitment to our values of education and character.

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