Renaissance Middle School 192Q

"Excellence Without Excuses"

Up, Up, Excel!

Assistant Principal of S.M.A.T.

             Welcome to the Renaissance Middle School of Science, Math, Art, Research, and Technology using the Renzulli Learning System.  We know that this School will be rewarding for you and your child.

             Middle School is a time of great change.  The workload and social adjustment for students are greater than in previous grades.  We invite you to take the journey with us!

Mission Statement

The school of Science, Math, Art, Research and Technology is committed to social development, academic growth and technical literacy in an environment that is nurturing and academically rigorous.

Vision Statement

Every student leaving the S.M.A.R.T. University Prep School will meet or exceed standard levels set by the Department of Education.

Our Motto

Up, Up, Excel!

Affiliated Colleges & Universities

· YORK College—Specialized H.S. Preparation

· BANK STREET School—Upwards Bound

· HARVARD University—Science & Math

· PENN State—Nutrition

· BARUCH College—Career Development

· JOHN JAY College—Forensic Science Explorer Program

· TOURO College—Educational Opportunity

· HOWARD University—Dance Cultural Theme

· ADELPHI University—Education Programs

· New York Institute of Technology

Cynthia Smith

Community Support

· St. Mathew CME

· St. Paul Community BC

· Queens Public Library

· Elected Community Leaders

· Queens Supreme Court

· Creative Outlet Dance Company

· Literacy, Inc.

· You Can Go To College Committee


109-89 204th Street

St. Albans, NY 11412

Phone: 718-479-5540

Fax: 718-217-4645