Renaissance Middle School 192Q

"Excellence Without Excuses"

If you are interested in any of these academies please email or call 718-479-5540 (press option 9) and ask for the specific Assistant Principal or AP that oversees that academy.


Multi-Media is designed to incorporate all forms of technology into the mandated New York State Core Curriculum.  Students will infuse technology in Social Studies, Math, Science and Language Arts.

Larry Gaither Assistant Principal


Larry Gaither Assistant Principal


S.M.A.R.T. stands for School of Science, Math, Art, Research, and Technology.  This academy uses the Renzulli Learning System to puts students in touch with engaging, resources chosen for the different learners.

Cynthia Smith Assistant Principal


Sports & Medicine’s objectives are to raise students academically and socially while preparing them to make positive contributions in communities.  We do this through exploring sports, medicine and applied science.

Brittany James Assistant Principal

Sports & Medicine