Renaissance Middle School 192Q

"Excellence Without Excuses"

The Assistant Principals has teamed up with Ms. Harriet Diaz the Principal of IS192Q to assure that the academies run smoothly.

Assistant Principals

There is no question of the significant role that technology will play in the lives of our children. The ability to manipulate these various forms of media will be a determining factor in their success.

Larry Gaither Assistant Principal

Larry Gaither, AP

Middle School is a time of great change. The workload and social adjustment for students are greater than in previous grades. We invite you to take the journey with us!

Cynthia Smith Assistant Principal

Cynthia Smith, AP

Our team of administrators, teachers and student leaders work tirelessly and ardently to achieve our goals. Through collaborative team meetings, we focus on teaching in the content area with a sports and medicine focus.

Brittany James Assistant Principal

Brittany James, AP